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Not dead yet.

Death Valley was awesome, in all senses. Green Tortoise is a really cool travel service. Possibly we were lucky in having a great group of people on the trip (everyone willing to pitch in for meal times and for hauling things on and off the bus when we needed to get somewhere). But we saw neat things, and had a lot of fun, and had surprisingly tasty (and, overall, fairly healthy) food, considering we were cooking it all outdoors over propane.

Xta and I have been so busy lately that we hadn't been going out hiking like we used to (either with the MIT outdoors group whose mailing list she subscribes to, or just on our own)... And also I've been kinda discouraged because of recent knee problems (which actually did crop up as an issue at one point on this trip, though I was mostly OK)... But it's fun. I think both of us are basically adventuresome sorts, and I like me (and us) better when we're finding time to follow our wanderlust. (Also, several people on the trip observed that we're an absurdly cute couple. I think we basically work well together under adverse conditions, even if we sometimes fray each others' nerves a bit.)

I think Xta is planning to post a long description with pix, tonight or tomorrow.

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