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We are pleased to report...

...that the recently-ill member of the onineko_sisters pair does not have kidney damage. The reports of symptoms associated with the Menu Foods recall had me a bit worried. Only Nutro pouch food has been listed in the recall, not the canned food, but they're really not certain yet what the cause was, so it's possible it might expand. I'm thinking I'm going to move them to a different brand -- something with a more tightly controlled supply chain, and local, if possible. :-/

In other news, I've finally given in and switched to S2, partly because it annoyed me that I couldn't make my Calendar, Day, and Entry views consistent with my Friends and Journal views under S1... I'm trying to figure out whether I can duplicate this San Francisco style, then replace the SF image with a real night-time photo of SF, and also rearrange some of the elements. Like, I strongly prefer having the controls (e.g. Edit) as buttons rather than text (like in the default look), and having both the controls and the "Mood" type info up top rather than between the entry and comments... Oh, and most importantly, I'd really like to slay the fixedwidthness and fixedcoloredness of the style -- make the colorbars at the edges and left sidebar fixed with (at maybe 20 pixels), let the actual content float, and get control back over things like text color and size. In particular, apparently in this style visited and unvisited links are the same color, which defeats the whole purpose of the ?nc=X thing, which I use to tell whether there are new comments on a post... I may actually have to switch back to the old style because of this, unless I can find time to fix it. :-/

I probably can figure this out, but time is something I don't have enough of right now. Anybody already an expert on S2 and willing to help with this? :-/

(Update: Well, that was fast. The lack of color difference on the N-comments links drove me back to my customized S1 version.)

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