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The Great Sarasota Undervote Mystery

Stephen Unger, whom I know from a voting-methods discussion group (the Center for Range Voting's mailing list) has an excellent write-up on the mysterious 13% undervote in a Democratic-leaning county, which threw a race from Dem Christine Jennings to Repub Vern Buchanan. It includes some new (to me) counterevidence against what had been the only plausible innocent explanation I'd heard to date (some people have tried to blame bad UI -- but it turns out that in a comparable situation in Mecklenberg County, NC, with an even worse UI situation, the undervote was less than a third as high as it was in Sarasota).

Incidentally, the machines in Sarasota were made by ES&S, the company of which Chuck Hagel was CEO when he was elected Senator. After the introduction of ES&S voting machines in Nebraska, Hagel mysteriously got significantly better numbers in the official results in urban Omaha (shifts of tens of percentage points) than either the D/R ratio in prior elections, or the exit polling, indicated he deserved.

Oh, and, question for Bab5ers -- is the David Wagner who was involved in evaluating the machines our Dave Wagner? Certainly he's an expert in the right sort of field...

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