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SJ State people?

I know there are a few SJ State folks on my f-list (cortneyofeden?). Senator Edwards is doing a cheap ($15) event over there on Thursday evening at 5pm; I believe there may be some discussion of his plans for reforming the student-loan system (though it's a fairly short event, so it may get stuck with the standard stump speech rather than an in-depth policy discussion (which he's better at than the other major candidates, which is why I support him). OTOH, if you haven't seen him in person or heard his pitch for "why you should support me in the primary", he is a very good speaker, worth seeing once even for the generic speech. Also, if you're able to volunteer starting at 3:30pm, you can get in free.

In unrelated news, I saw Pirates 3 on Sunday night, and it was more or less what I expected. And I liked it better than 2 -- better pacing. The ending is a wee bit angsty, but leaves open the possibility for a sequel taking place shortly after the ten-years-later after-the-credits bit, in which they set out to fix the less-than-satisfactory circumstances of the ending... My only complaint was that I'm going to need to watch it with subtitles, when it comes out on DVD. There were a number of times where I'm pretty sure there was a funny mid-combat one-liner, but it got drowned out by the soundtrack, explosions, clashing swords, etc...

In even more unrelated news: What would a programming language for speakers of LOLCATS look like? Well, like this: PLZ CAN HAS STDIO? AWSUM THX!

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