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Any of you guys live in Zoe Lofgren's district?

Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, of California's 16th Congressional District, which includes most of San Jose, will be speaking, and taking questions, at the Peninsula Democratic Coalition's monthly Legislative Luncheon. If you live in the district, this will be an excellent opportunity to get to know your representative person-to-person, and ask about the issues you care about.

When: Saturday, June 9th at 11:45. It is important that you be there promptly at 11:45, because the Congresswoman's schedule is constrained. Zoe will begin speaking at noon, and questions from the audience will follow a short talk. She will be departing at 1pm, at which time lunch will be served.

Where: The Jade Palace Restaurant, 151 S California Avenue, Palo Alto
This is at the back of the courtyard of Palo Alto Central, the complex right next to the California Ave CalTrain station. There is street parking and a parking lot on Park Blvd just south of California Avenue.

Cost: $17 at the door. (Basically just the cost of your lunch.)

Despite the luncheon being down the street from my house, I unfortunately won't be able to make it; I'll be on the east coast this weekend. :-/

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