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Mitt Romney thinks cruelty to animals is "emotion-free crisis management".

In an interview with the Boston Globe, Mitt Romney described a family road trip on which he tied a dog carrier -- with the dog in it -- to the roof of the family station wagon, apparently intending to drive all the way from Boston to the Canadian side of Lake Huron, with the dog subjected to highway-speed winds, with no water and no way to relieve himself. Naturally, the dog did his business in the carrier, and fluid promptly started dripping down the back window. Whereupon, Mr. Romney pulled into a gas station, hosed down the car, carrier, and dog, and pulled back onto the highway, leaving the dog shivering and wet. He describes this as an example of his signature ability to engage in "emotion-free crisis management". Certainly he lacked emotion, and empathy; but the crisis was of his own making.

I would like to believe that Mr. Romney is simply a liar; that he made up a colorful story. Even if so, he should apologize for this disgusting story. And either way, he is not fit to stand for election to the highest office in the land. No wonder he wants to "double Guantanamo", as he said in one of the GOP debates (not that the various other old white men on that stage were being much more humane; with the exceptions of Ron Paul and John McCain, everyone there was racing to see who could most strongly endorse torture "enhanced interrogation techniques"). It's common for sociopaths to start out with animal cruelty, before moving on to human beings. A man who can so thoughtlessly subject his own dog to hours of torture might well see nothing wrong with treating people (guilty or not) in a similar fashion.

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