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Too much to say, too little time.

Let's see... Things I have not taken the time to write about:

  • I went to the SF Opera's summer season shows -- Rosenkavalier with dushai, Iphigenie en Tauride with my mom, and Don Giovanni with... uh... I've forgotten. All three shows were good -- Iphigenie, in fact, was very good, considering how poorly-known it is. It takes the baroque-ish mythological opera, and turns it on its head, adding verismo emotions. The Rosenkavalier was excellent, possibly the best I've seen (though, OK, I've only seen it three times). Rising star Joyce di Donato (a Merolini, as are so many of today's rising stars) was superb in her role debut as Octavian, and the Marschallin and Sophie were very good as well. The Giovanni... well, the performances were good, but I liked the production they did last time better. For one, that one kept Mozart's original ending (where the opera just ends after the Don is dragged off to hell, rather than including an anti-climactic coda where the rest of the cast hammers on "the moral of the story", that sinners will get justice; we got it already, guys!) and for another, the way they staged the graveyard in that version was brilliant -- they had the actual singer playing the Commendatore dressed up as a statue, and the costume was so convincing I didn't realize he wasn't a prop until he started to move.

  • There was an Edwards house party for the end of the fundraising quarter, with a conference call. While I think Obama would be a good candidate, and it really seems like the media is determined to stick to its storyline of "first black!" vs "first woman!", I think the GOP is absolutely terrified of running against Edwards, hence the perpetual efforts to marginalize and denigrate him, and the mass campaign to claim he's not "genuine". (Yeah, and how about that rich SOB Franklin Roosevelt?!) And, as Tim Noah pointed out, Edwards' healthcare plan is brilliant. Obama's is a start, but much less ambitious than it should be considering that a substantial majority of the country, and an increasing number of CEOs (think GM) are ready for true universal coverage. And Hillary's... well, despite having had more than a decade to think about it, she doesn't have one. What the hell is with that?

  • andsaca369 and dragondawn420 visited for WesterCon. We had dinner at Tad's house, which was fun; he is a talented entertainer, on the page or in person. And I hadn't seen his wife Deborah, or the various kids and pets, since the '02 WorldCon; his cat Jupiter, who I guess is an Oriental Shorthair (I used to think he was a bronze Mau, but I clearly was mistaken, because Mau's have dark spots, not light ones), is extremely affectionate and vocal.

    Also, Xta and Miiru and I saw SiCKO (which is good, if a bit depressing) before DD arrived, and after she left, I went into the city with Miiru and tromped around the Conservatory of Flowers (the weird Victorian greenhouse building in Golden Gate Park), Fort Mason, and Fisherman's Wharf, which is terrifyingly kitschy. If you're coming here as a tourist and want to see it, please reconsider. Don't go unless you're just there for the Aquarium, not for the stupid tourist-trap shops and overpriced mediocre restaurants. There was a "wines of CA" shop that was selling mostly swill, with the few decent labels being things that are nationally distributed and that I could get for considerably less at my street-corner grocer/deli.

  • Xta and I worked the voter-reg table at the P.A. Clay and Glass Festival, which was neat. And a glass blower we met when we drove through the Avenue of the Giants (he has a home/studio there, on one of the stretches that isn't park -- lucky him!)

  • I am trying to figure out the variations among various lenders' loan offers, so I can sign for something next week. I'm kind of leaning towards just going with Wells Fargo, because I already have accounts with them, so it might simplify things... But I'm pretty sure their benefits are not the best among the ten or so offers. Yet another case where "consumer choice" is highly overrated. I'd rather we just subsidize education directly through the government (top universities in places like Germany have costs to students similar to community colleges here), rather than through a Rube-Goldberg-esque subsidized-but-privately-administered loan system, which (as the recent college loan scandal illustrated) largely serves to transfer the dollars of students, and taxpayers at large, into the coffers of the creditors.

  • I also want to figure out whether I'm going to be working part time in the fall. Motorola is being stupidly slow about getting a part-time offer to me. At the rate they're going, they may well still have me on full-time payroll in August. I won't be coming into the office, of course, but if they want to keep sending me checks, who am I to dispute their infinite wisdom? :-P

    Really, though, I'd like to get things straightened out, because if I'm not going to continue part time with Motorola, I want to send out resumes to other places (green VC groups, in particular)...

  • ETA: I apparently also never wrote about it when I had dinner with my college roommate and a couple of his other friends who live around here... Good folks; I really should keep in better touch with them.

There are probably other things I'm forgetting. (If you're wondering why I missed some event, that's why. Even if I mean to attend something, I may miss it just because I'm tired at the end of the day, and either consciously decide to stay home, or just completely forget that something was scheduled. At this point, I'm utterly hopeless unless I have Google Calendar open in front of me.)

Also, tomorrow is my third Xtaversary. We are going to Chez Panisse. I cannot imagine my life without plymouth, even if we do drive each other up the wall sometimes. We argue over incredibly stupid little things (the shots that took out the Raider in "Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down" were from the Vipers, not from the Galactica, and I have the freeze frames to prove it!). But we agree on the big things, she's smart as a whip and not afraid of expressing her opinions, and is the funniest, silliest, sexiest girl I know.


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