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recipe: roasted tomato "sauce"

I haven't posted a recipe for quite a while... I thought I'd toss this one up, since it's incredibly easy, and I actually make it fairly often, dealing with the flood of Xta-toxic tomatos that we get from the farmshare during the summer... It's chunky, and very tomato-y.

In an oven-safe pyrex ramekin or one-cup measuring cup, combine:

  • about 1/2 to 2/3 cup chopped tomato -- You get this from one medium to large tomato, or two to three smallish romas. Recently I've done this with halved sungold cherry tomatos, which were much tastier as sauce than I expected. One thing that helps prevent the sauce from being too soupy, but that I frequently don't bother to do because I am lazy, is to scoop out the watery seed/pulp stuff and only keep the fleshy parts of the tomato. You can also get lucky and end up with a nice orangey heirloom tomato with yellow and red streaks that happens to have almost none of the watery pulp; that's what I did last night. Wish I knew what that varietal's name was.
  • a drizzle of olive oil -- Maybe 2 tablespoons? I never measure; it's just enough to coat the ingredients.
  • a pinch of salt
  • herbs and spices -- I've had fresh parsley and basil available recently, but dried stuff is fine; they'll infuse the oil. I usually use basil, garlic, parsley, oregano, and a little crushed red pepper. Every now and then I forget that you have to be careful with the crushed red pepper in this, because the heat will be about two or three times as strong after the capsaicin diffuses into the olive oil as it is if you just sprinkle the pepper on something after it's already cooked.

Stick the cooking dish in the toaster oven (if you have a rack that can be turned, you may want to put it in the position that puts the dish farther from the top heating element) on 275F for at least 25 minutes. 45 minutes is actually better, and you could probably roast it even longer than that without doing it any harm, but I get impatient and start cooking the pasta too early. The important thing is that you should give it some time with the liquid in the bottom bubbling; you don't want it to come to a rolling boil, but you do want a fair bit of the water to get taken out as steam, to concentrate the flavor.

Dump the dish of sauce over a large bowl of pasta. Add grated parmesan. You can also add other accoutrements, as desired -- I love capers and kalamata olives. Or try wrapping some pinenuts in a foil packet and tossing them into the toaster with the sauce for the last ~12 minutes.

Serves one (hungry) person.


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