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This is either a hoax, a mistake, or extremely interesting.

Radio Frequencies Help Burn Salt Water.

Basically, a scientist claims that while being exposed to some particular E-M conditions, you can start a stable reaction where the water molecules split into hydrogen and oxygen, and then the hydrogen oxidizes again, releasing heat.

Clearly this can't actually make the salt water into a fuel or power source. The amount of E-M put in must, according to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, exceed the amount of heat you can get out. If you used this system to create a "flame" inside a water tank that boiled the water to drive a turbine, you would necessarily get less electricity out than was required to provide the radio power.

Nonetheless, it may represent a cheaper way to crack hydrogen out of water than existing methods. If you could bleed off some of the hydrogen while continuing the reaction, it would make the use of hydrogen as an energy storage medium more feasible (replacing gasoline, batteries, and other complex and often toxic chemical storage media). One hopes that the overenthusiastic description in the article is the fault of the reporter; if it was the researcher, then he's either a fool or a fraud.

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