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School is a lot of work. Whoda thunk?

So, let's see. Every four weeks we have 40 hours of residency (if you count commute, time spent communing with other students at Fort Mason outside of class, etc). That's ten hours a week of class, if you average it out. And we supposedly have 30 hours a week of homework (pretty typical -- three hours of work outside class for every hour in was considered the norm at JHU as well), though after discussing it amongst my team (Fred Team r00lz!) we agreed it's probably closer to 40.

And then I'm aslo doing 20 hours a week at the office. I may end up forced to use Paid-Time-Off hours for next week. Before August residency, I just basically spent the whole of Mon-Tue at work (two ten hour days), then went to orientation on Wednesday... But if I lose Mon-Tue for schoolwork, I have no idea how I'll finish the work and reading I need to have done by Wednesday, otherwise. I'm not getting anything done this weekend, because I have an Accounting (ungraded, but useful for learning) homework and (graded) quiz both due Sunday night. I also have opera on Sunday, and a PDC event on Saturday (lunch with Congressman Honda at Jade Palace, on California Ave right by the CalTrain station). There's an Econ problem set for Monday; an essay for Effective Management, Communication, and Action due Tuesday; and a Principles of Sustainabile Management essay Wednesday, for which I haven't started the readings. Next residency starts on Thursday, and I'm supposed to have read four more chapters of the Accounting textbook by then.

Ma hed asplode.

It's stressful, but I love it. I just wish I could get a replacement at the office so I could quit with a clean conscience. I'm actually kind of pissed at my manager at the moment, because when I finally got a promising resume and sent it to him, he said, nope, he's decided that we can't hire anyone here, they'll have to replace me in India. I interview one prospect that the India team found, and was frankly unimpressed, though apparently they've decided to go ahead an make him an offer. I'm unclear on how I'm supposed to train him; maybe they'll ship him here for a few weeks.

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