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Alan Greenspan gone wild!

In a good way. Really. Via Slate's Today's Papers*, NYT coverage of Greenspan's new book. He says that Republicans "swapped principle for power. They ended up with neither. They deserved to lose" in 2006. The WP says he and Bill Clinton come off "almost as soul mates." Indeed, "The hard truth was that Reagan had borrowed from Clinton, and Clinton was having to pay it back."

* I've subscribed to the TP Newsletter, so now I just get it in my inbox rather than having to go to the site, which I'm no longer doing daily. Too much else to do...

Of course, I kind of want to slap the man and scream, "Too little, too late!" in his face. Couldn't he have publicly admitted the point about the deficits caused by GOP fiscal poicy in 1999, rather than 2007? It's not like this wasn't fracking obvious all the way back to the '80s. :-P

P.S.: Have finished Accounting and Econ stuff due through next Wed. Need to read for EMCA and PoSuM essays, due Tue and Wed respectively.

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