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Speculative Fiction writer wins Nobel Prize.

Doris Lessing didn't only write sf, but certainly has done a fair bit. Who apparently is the namesake of Paul Krugman's cat.

I find it amusing that Harold Bloom -- who, aside from being a sexual predator, writes in the pompous, intentionally-inaccessible* style of so many academic writers who turn up their noses at popular fiction -- feels a need to rudely and publicly dismiss the victory of an author known for her feminism and her engagement with genre fiction. Perhaps he's jealous over the fact that he doesn't have a Nobel...

* It's one thing to write "difficult" prose that's laced with intellectually stimulating references and connections. It's another to just be obscure. Umberto Eco is good at this. So is Doug Hofstadter. Harold Bloom, from the few pieces of his I've looked at, is just annoying.

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