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At the suggestion of greenanemone, I just sent a fax about the problems with touch screen voting to my county's Registrar of Voters. For info on those problems, see here: The Theft of Your Vote is Just a Chip Away

Dear Mr. Durazo,

It has come to my attention that Santa Clara County is transitioning to the use of touch-screen voting machines. Most models of these machines provide no voter-verifiable paper trail that could be used to ensure the integrity of the virtual ballot. There is already reason to suspect that such machines may have failed -- either by accident or through intentional manipulation -- in some elections. Senator Chuck Hagel, who owns a major stake in the company that makes the touch-screen machines used in Nebraska, raised eyebrows among election observers last year, when the results showed him winning by large margins in several large, mostly-black areas of Omaha where exit polls showed him losing. Some errors have been caught and corrected in Texas, but other suspicious results have been accepted in Georgia and Florida.

Touch-screen voting machines that produce no paper trail -- no system for voters to verify that their votes are being recorded correctly -- endanger the integrity of our elections and the very core of our democracy. I hope you will seriously consider putting these machines in storage until their manufacturers provide add-on printers to produce double receipts: one for the voter, and one to be stored for use in a recount, in case initial results disagree by significant margins with exit polls or with a sample of the printed, voter-verified results.

Please let me know how you intend to proceed on this matter.

Thank you for your attention.



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