Auros (auros) wrote,

Oh well.

Ahhhnuld has said that while Warren Buffet may be his advisor, he doesn't necessarily agree with all of Buffet's ideas; presumably intended as code for, "I wouldn't touch Prop 13." More disappointingly, everybody else (including Gray Davis) has jumped on the bandwagon to say how great Prop 13 is. I'd say something about wanting to get out of the country, except that I don't think it's going to be better anywhere else, soon. It seems that, in the long run, as CA goes, so goes the US; and as the US goes, so goes the world. :-(

In other news, a federal judge has set an Aug 29 deadline for four counties to figure out what they're doing about the problems with archaic machines, consolidated polling places, insufficient bilingual staff, etc. There's a clearance from the (federal) Justice Dep't involved, but I suspect that the Justice Dep't will be eager to cooperate, given that the Bushies would like to get the CA governorship into Republican hands... In any case, there's a slim possibility that the recall will be pushed back.

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