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For sale: two tix to Cirque du Soleil, Feb 5th, 8pm.

In purchasing Cirque du Soleil "Kooza" tickets, Xta and I somehow failed to realize we had purchased them for election day. We're planning to work the polls that day and won't be done in time to go to the show. So we have a pair of tickets for the 8pm show on Feb 5th in San Jose. Would anyone be interested in buying them? Xta says the cost was $190 (including ticketmaster fees) for two good seats directly facing the stage (section 200 about 1/2 way back). We'd like to get all that back but would be willing to sell them for somewhat less. If we have to sell them on craigslist we will but we'd much rather sell them to a friend than a stranger since transferring them requires giving the transferree a photocopy of the credit card used to purchase the tix.

Minor problem: one of the tickets was purchased as a "student" ticket. We don't know if it is possible to upgrade this to a regular adult ticket (difference is only $9). If anyone's interested, we can try to find somebody to call to ask...

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