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Anyone remember this story?

There's a sci-fi story in which, after almost losing a war with a considerably more powerful alien species, and then managing to seize control of that species' huge terraforming engine and turn it against them, humans have gone on to terraform some more colonies and continue developing their capabilities. The story takes place on a station that's trying to produce wormholes, using tiny artificial black holes (which in some way stabilize the wormhole mouths). Every time they get a mass to sink inside its Chandrasekhar limit, it vanishes down the wormhole without coming out again like it should. They eventually figure out that it's actually being sucked into another universe -- a parasite. The ending of the story basically says: humans have gone from biological evolution, to cultural evolution, to being the agent perpetuating biospheric evolution (taking the entire set of ecosystems of Earth and perpetuating it, in mutated/adapted/localized forms, through terraforming), and has now discovered that entire universes may be engaged in evolution -- and if there are parasites, there might be predators out there...

I'm trying to remember the title / author / where this was published. I'm thinking it might've been a short story or novella in Analog... Anyone know that one?

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