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I'm still not certain whether I'll vote Edwards or Obama...

...because I have a tiny sliver of hope that Edwards could accumulate enough delegates to play kingmaker for Obama and extract some promises to break out of right-wing frames and push truly progressive policy (or at least to appoint Edwards to some influential cabinet post -- say, SecLabor, where he could turn around the NLRB so it starts being a neutral arbiter instead of a tool of union-busting corporocrats). Nonetheless, this is a kickass analysis of the SC primary, telling off some of the pundits and prog-bloggers (many of whom I like) for dismissing Obama's SC win. Gacked from mickle.

Unrelatedly, Xta and I now live together. Moving is a lot of work, and distracts me from my classes. I need to do my entire Operations HW tomorrow, which I really should've started on about four days ago. Also should try to get through at least half the Macro HW tomorrow. And prep for a telecon on Thu concerning BizGov.

And I also want to find time to write an endorsements post on the Props. Short version is: 92 on community colleges leaning Yes but not fully decided; 93 on term limits definitely yes (google " term limits" to find the post with details); 94-97 on Indian gambling, leaning pretty strongly no, because an expert I trust (Lenny Goldberg from Cal Tax Reform) is one of the authors of the argument against, saying that there is no adequate auditing of the revenues the new compacts will bring in, so even if you're OK with the gambling and with the way the compacts discriminate among tribes (to the potential detriment of many), the compacts are not guaranteed to actually provide real long-term benefit to the state.

PS: Kathleen Sebelius (link is to her delivery of the official Dem response to the Bush SotU) is my personal choice for first woman president. She does a highly effective job of making the case that mainstream Democratic policy is the center, and insofar as the GOP stands in the way of it, we're not talking about two opposing sides, with the "center" in between, we're talking about one party behaving in a sane and responsible manner, while the other ignores the wishes of even a significant chunk of its own electorate. (e.g. Upwards of half of Californians registered Republican believe that global warming is a serious issue and support Arnold's signing of AB32; meanwhile, there were basically no Republican votes for AB32 in the leg, and the executive board of the CA GOP has publicly insulted their Governor.)

ETA: Edwards has quit, so I'm voting Obama.

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