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Convention highlight...

I amended one word of the CA Democratic Platform -- changed support for net zero energy buildings to net zero emissions (because the former is simply not feasible on all sites, and the latter emphasizes the real goal of addressing climate change and allows for investment in off-site renewables and various kinds of carbon offset to count).

ETA: Another highlight moment was on Sunday morning, when, slightly sleep deprived, I was approached by a guy who's making a documentary about the difference between conservative and progressive/liberal values. After rambling a bit, I came up with a line that I think was pretty good. I'd basically been saying that I really believe the rank-and-file conservative is a well-meaning person; I know the woman who I used to work with at the polls in College Terrace was extremely nice, the sort of person you'd trust to house-sit, or you'd tell the kids to go find if they get locked out of the house and you're not home... These folks like the way things are, or were when they grew up, or have a generally idyllic vision of a lost past -- maybe it's their parents' generation. In any case, they don't like to be pushed out of their comfort zone by anything new and different, and that includes people who don't seem to be like them. Whereas for progressives, other-ness isn't a problem; we're all us, we're just different kinds of us. We annoy everyone with our calls for recycling, because we see that you can't throw stuff away -- there's no such place (unless we're talking about lobbing things into the nearest star), the whole world is here. Anyways, I was riffing on this general topic when I got to a really good encapsulation: Conservatives see that the world is full of dragons, and call out for kings to protect them and walls they can hide behind; progressives say, "Hey, flying reptiles. Coooool! You think they'd come play with us?"

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