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adventures in cooking

So, I attempted to make Alu Gobi last night -- a curry of potato and cauliflower. Unfortunately, I think I probably should've used a little less potato and a bit more cauliflower, plus I should've been less lazy and actually chopped up some other things to go in it (especially onion; it definitely needed a bit of onion). Also wondering whether some tomato might've helped; I know I've seen that in some versions (though not all). On the bright side, the curry sauce worked okay; basically yogurt and some spices. Though I think next time I should steam the cauliflower a bit less, then give it more time simmering in the sauce.

Also, I'm not totally sure what to do with the cubed potatos; again out of laziness, I just steamed them because I figured I could start them steaming, then add the cauliflower after five or ten minutes, and everything would get done about the same time; and I was more or less right. But I dunno, I would've liked the flavor to permeate the potatos a bit more. Possibly sauteeing them in a bit of oil with some of the curry powder would've done the trick.

Anyone out there like cooking Indian? Suggestions?

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