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A simple demonstration of why distribution curves are better than bar graphs.

Obama and McCain have tax proposals. The Washington Post has kindly offered us a bar graph, based on an analysis of the proposals from the non-partisan Tax Policy Center.

As it happens, the McCain cut is so heavily weighted in favor of the rich that you can easily tell that the median family is getting less under his plan than under Obama's more-or-less revenue neutral plan. (Obama goes slightly rev-negative on income taxes, but has some other proposals that would increase revenue, like actually bothering to collect oil and gas royalties, closing corporate tax loopholes, etc.)

In any case, here is a quick-and-dirty distribution graph, with percentile position of family on the X axis (so the poorest family is at left, and the richest at right), and percent-of-family-income tax change on the Y axis.

(Credit for image goes to Kai Stinchcombe, president of Peninsula Young Dems.) This pretty much tells the whole story, doesn't it? Sure, Kai arbitrarily defined the bottom quartile and top quartile as "poor" and "rich", and that happened to more-or-less line up with the crossover between the two plans. But regardless of exactly whom you consider rich or poor, the glaringly clear message is: McCain gives more -- dramatically more -- to those who already have more, and hands a pittance to the rest of us, in the hopes that we won't notice that he's appropriating the wealth of the nation for a gang of plutocrats. Which is in keeping with the lunatic-right ideology of his good buddy Dubya. So much for being a moderate or a maverick.

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