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Could this meme...

Republicans shouldn’t crow over the [Edwards] scandal. After all their own presidential nominee, John McCain, was still married to his first wife when he took up with Cindy.

...please, please get a lot more play? If the media's going to hound a guy who isn't even running for anything anymore, why can't they point out the relevant comparison about the guy who is? Oh, wait, it's because they have a big squishy crush on McCain, and have always covered up his dark side. McCain not only cheated with rich blonde Cindy, before divorcing his first wife (victim of a disfiguring car crash), he actually got the new marriage license before the divorce was final, and was thus probably technically guilty of bigamy. Not that I personally would be inclined to prosecute somebody under those circumstances, but my party isn't the one that claims to represent ultrastrict "family values" against flexible ideas about family structure. And hey, what's a little hypocrisy and a low-grade felony between friends like McCain and his bus-buddies from the national press?

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