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Still looking to sell a couple pairs of opera tix.

I still have two pairs of SF Opera tickets for sale. Each pair cost me $185, and I'd like to recover that. If you're interested, but the given date doesn't work for you, I can swap the tickets to a different date.

All my tickets are in Dress Circle, E126 and E128. You can see what the view looks like on the SFO website. Or you can trust me that these really are fantastic seats.

Simon Boccanegra2008-09-21 2pm (educational lecture at 1:05pm)
The Elixir of Love2008-11-09 2pm (educational lecture at 1:05pm)

Simon Boccanegra is a lesser-known, but very good, Verdi tragedy. The Elixir of Love (L'Elisir d'Amore) is a popular romantic comedy by Donizetti.

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