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Sarah Palin: Model Republican.

Perhaps Sarah Palin's greatest qualification to be the VP candidate of the modern GOP is that she has her very own extra-special soap-opera corruption scandal. Her sister, Molly McCann, used to be married to Alaska State Trooper Mike Wooten. During McCann and Wooten's acrimonious divorce and custody dispute, Palin repeatedly spoke to Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan about Wooten, and sent her husband Todd Palin to give Monegan a dossier of unflattering information about Wooten. Monegan felt he was being pressured to fire or otherwise discipline Wooten, as punishment on behalf of Palin and McCann. He refused. In July, Palin fired him.

Sense of self-righteous entitlement? Check!

Abuse of executive power? Check!

Disrespect for honest, impartial justice? Check!

Yep, she belongs in George Bush's and John McCain's party! Chalk it up with McCain getting his wife off of drug charges that would've sent most people (even most rich white people) to jail for twenty years. (I won't bother listing all of Bush's.)

I look forward to seeing indictments handed down against her, preferably during the campaign. That'd make her even more of a match for two other Alaskan Republicans, soon-to-be-indicted Rep. Don Young, and already-indicted Sen. Ted Stevens.

I'd been sort of hoping McCain would pick Bobby Jindal, of Louisiana, who seems to be in the Huckabee wing of the party -- kinda crazy about social/religious issues, but authentically interested in serving the public good (though disrespect for science and fact-gathering can make that difficult, and the whacked-out patriarchalism tends to mean that their idea of the public good isn't so great for women, GLBT, etc). He just happens to be extra crazy on religion -- he used to conduct amateur exorcisms in his spare time.

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