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Christa just brought home some colored sugar (blue, what else?) which she got because, hey, blue sugar, for topping desserts with!

I was glancing at the ingredients: sugar, blue vegetable coloring, and carnauba wax.

"What the hell is carnauba wax?" I wondered aloud. "Wax from a carnauba?"

Well, in fact, yes, it is. There's a palm called the carnauba palm. You get its wax by beating its leaves, and then processing the little flakes of wax that fall off of them. Yay for natural products.

But, get this: Not only is it useful for giving a shiny finish to food products (candy corn, gumballs, stiff frostings), it's also a common ingredient of industrial polishes (for cars, floors, furniture).

Whoa. It's both a floor wax and a dessert topping!

Could the inventors of Shimmer have had exactly the conversation we had about carnauba wax?

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