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A local water issue...

Palo Alto City Councilman Peter Drekmeier, a friend of mine, is one of our region's most dedicated environmental advocates; this post is a (considerably shortened) paraphrase from a notice I got from him, detailing some current water agency activities. Peter sits on the board of the Tuolumne River Trust.

The Tuolumne River is one of the major sources of water for our region. The Trust works to protect the biological and ecological integrity of the river, to make sure that it continues providing both clean water, and the beautiful and productive habitat that makes the river a site worth visiting for recreation. The local water authorities are currently working through plans on how to draw water from the river over the next decade or so. The trust has a petition asking them to focus heavily on making more efficient use of the current water withdrawals, rather than increasing the draw, which risks degrading the environment, which will cause a variety of long-term costs (aside from the direct loss of wildlife, when you screw up your ecosystem, nasty microbes that were previously held in check can bloom unconstrained, and then you have to spend boatloads of money to purify the water to make it safe).

If you live anywhere in the Bay Area, you probably use some Tuolumne water. Please consider telling the regional water authorities that you'd rather see them spending our monthly fees on helping us to use our current water more efficiently (better showers and sinks, reduction in water-intensive non-native landscaping, etc) than spend just as much money first on expanding the water withdrawals, and then on trying to fix the problems that will create.

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