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A few items from the last few weeks.

Mozart's Idomeneo (which I saw on Sun 10/26) is fantastic -- I wish it was performed more often. The music is almost as good as Magic Flute, and it hits a lot of the same themes, but with a much better plot and more fleshed-out characters. Even if Elektra does feel a bit like she's wandered in from some other opera. The production was gorgeous, too.

Also, before Idomeneo I had brunch at Citizen Cake, and restrained myself on the brunching in order to save room for dessert, which was entitled "Scarlet", and consisted of (I hope I can remember this right), pomegranate gelée and arils, chopped apple bits caramelized in some kind of syrup that gave them a red tinge, a couple pieces of vanilla brisée (basically extremely crispy pastry sheets), and maple-bacon ice cream (in which I think they substituted bacon drippings for some of the cream, giving it a very faint salt-pork tang, which integrated beautifully with the sweet maple-y-ness). If there is one thing I want to splurge on for a wedding, it is dessert made by Elizabeth Faulkner.

Mussorgsky's Boris Godunov (seen Thu 10/30) was also really good, though it does peak a bit early -- the coronation scene is extraordinary, and it never quite tops that controlled chaos, which is evocative of the real experience of grand public spectacle. I don't think it remotely deserved the derision heaped on it by contemporaries; it was just ahead of its time.

As some of you may've heard, Xta and I went to Nevada to canvas for Obama. We hit just shy of 150 doors, talked with about 35-40 people; my best guess is that we had about seven people who were either waffling about voting, or wanted to vote but were kinda clueless about how to do so (e.g. didn't know where to go -- fortunately, we had maps, and phone numbers to call for more help).

On election day we were back home, working the polls in our home precinct, which sadly had only 30-ish percent turnout -- but that was two to three times the normal turnout... Sigh. I get that there's a sense of powerlessness that comes with long term poverty, but voting in people who are accountable to them might actually help fix some of the problems they're facing...

We got home a bit after 9:30, watched the acceptance speech, crashed. It's still a little unreal. You mean, we won? Whoa...

I've been trying to catch up on news, email, and schoolwork ever since.

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