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Year in Review


  • Moving in with Christa in East Palo Alto (cheaper, more affordable with me being a grad student with no income other than a small teaching assistant stipend).

  • Proposing to Christa, in a boat on Crater Lake, on our fourth anniversary (she said yes, and we'll set a a date immediately after we put a down-payment on a house, which we'll do as soon as I'm employed and we know exactly what we can afford and where we want to live).

  • Getting to work on a really cool five-month consulting project at Intuit, as part of a project for my MBA; the product for which we were doing a marketing strategy and financial analysis is supposed to be released in the next couple of weeks. This coming semester (at the end of which I should graduate) I'll be working on a business plan for an alt-energy finance company.

  • Submitting a one-word amendment to the California Democratic Platform.

  • Raising about $10,000 for Obama. The Peninsula Young Democrats (for whom I'm a boardmember) raised over $150k -- breaking into six figures was a first for a fundraising drive by a YDs group, so far as we know. (Nobody from the state or national YDs has told us we're wrong.)

  • Travelling to Nevada to canvas. We lucked out and had Obama himself show up for a rally the day we arrived.

  • Winning a Wii in a contest sponsored by the ACLU and Young Dems.


  • Having to deal with assorted breakdowns in the house, and trying to make sure it doesn't get foreclosed on before I graduate. (The latest is that there's some kind of problem with the blackwater line, resulting in sewage spilling in our yard. I've already had a plumber and the city sewer people out, to no avail; I have a call in to a contractor that ef2p recommended, who dealt with a water pipe problem for him; they're going to have to tear apart the yard until they locate the pipes and figure out what's wrong...) At least this has been, from our perspective, more a comedy of errors than a tragedy. Though I keep waiting to have the shower stall fall through the floor while I'm standing in it...

  • Losing tens of thousands of dollars worth of invested funds.

  • Still not having gotten around to playing my Wii much because of assorted schoolwork, house-related annoyances, and other preoccupations.

I hope that, despite the lousy economy, the year was OK for all of you as well.

A week from tomorrow (on Saturday January 10), I'm running for re-election to the CADem State Central Committee. You can learn everything you'd want to know about this process here. The short version is, if you're a registered Democrat, you voted on November 4th, and you live in Assembly District 21, I'd deeply appreciate it if you could give a couple hours of your time to turn out to vote for me. The caucus is at the Hillview Community Center (97 Hillview Ave, Los Altos, CA 94022). Doors open at 9am. Noshables will be provided. I believe the convenor is requesting (but not requiring) a small donation to help defray the cost of renting the space and buying bagels/OJ/etc. You can see my candidate statement by going here and selecting district 21. People elected from this caucus will be involved in writing the next State Platform (which informs what issues are brought up in legislation in Sacramento), allocating funds to local and statewide races, and generally facilitating communication between rank-and-file Democrats and their elected officials (got an issue you think should be legislated on? I talk with our Assemblyman about once a month, and have submitted ideas before). I'm running for re-election, and considering running for the Executive Board (which does basically the same things, but meets four times as often and can take votes with a smaller quorum than the full convention). If you know anyone who's politically engaged enough to be interested in helping to determine the direction of the state party, and who lives in the district, please refer them to my journal.


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