Auros (auros) wrote,

Older cat in need of new home.

A friend of mine has a cat in need of a new home. Here's the description:

Stormy is an 11 year old, short-haired grey cat with white chest and paws. She is a sweetheart, very affectionate, very vocal - many different tones and pitches that you can actually have a conversation with! She knows her name and comes when she's called, mostly. She has her claws and does like to 'stretch them out' on something fuzzy. She was born back east and moved to Steamboat Springs by her loving mother when she was 2-1/2. She lived there for 8-1/2 where she spent time both inside and out. She would never go too far from the house, but she loooves being outside. She is active, loves to play (new favorite toy is chasing a laser light). Loves to snuggle, sleeps on the bed, curls up with you on the couch. Would be best suited for a household with lots of activity, kids, other pets, etc. She may have been taken as a kitten a little too early because she does like to suck on fingers!


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