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If anyone tells you that CA has high taxes...

...please direct them to this data from the Federation of Tax Administrators. California's total tax collections at the state and local levels, as a percent of income earned in the state, are 12.1%, ranking it fourteenth out of the fifty states. Compare to Wyoming (16.6%) and Alaska (15.1%). If you include all revenue sources (taxes, plus various service fees, plus revenue from fines and tickets, etc), California is at 18th out of 50, collecting 17.6% of gross state income. Again, compare to Wyoming (26.4%) and Alaska (35.5%).

CA has a relatively high income tax, and a fairly high sales tax, but has extremely low property taxes, and has a fairly business-friendly tax environment in general. Conservatives telling you that our taxes will drive business out of state are basically just making stuff up -- there's no data to back their claims.

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