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Opera tix for sale...

Sun Oct 4 2:00pm   Il Trovatore
Sun Nov 8 2:00pm   Otello
Sun Jun 20 1:30pm   Faust
Sun Jun 27 2:00pm   Girl of the Golden West

You can learn more about each opera behind the links. All operas are preceded, one hour earlier, by a free educational lecture. My seats are Dress Circle E126 and E128, the latter of which is an aisle seat, on the first aisle out from the center. You can see the view from Dress Circle on the seating chart page.

If you're interested in an opera, but the date doesn't work, I can exchange for equivalent seats on a date of your choice (check the website for the dates of various shows) and send you the new tickets; however, I can't promise specific seats in that case.

I paid $96.50 per ticket (including processing and shipping fees), so each pair is $193 (and I strongly prefer to sell the pairs together). Non-subscriber price for the equivalent tickets would $120 per seat, $240 per pair -- so I'm selling at roughly a 20% discount relative to buying from the SFO box office. I'll be happy to cover the stamp to mail the tickets to you, or make other arrangements.

Please feel free to direct friends to this post.

ETA: It occurs to me to mention that we're selling a sofabed, because not all of our furniture fits in our new place.


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