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Two metaphors about money in politics...

Keith Olbermann, the other night, compared the Citizens United decision (CU, by the way, is the Orwellian name of the corporate creation that was trying to pay to put the defamatory Hillary: The Movie on network TV in primetime) to what would happen if all pay rules were repealed in pro sports -- the rich, big-city teams (such as the Yankees) would instantly get a monopoly on talent. Popular teams from places like Green Bay, WI would wither and die.

The other interesting thing I saw recently is this (posted on a mailing list; I have not been able to determine the original source):

Circulate freely:

Water flows through a pipe. Raise the pressure and more water will flow. Pressure is the driving force; pressure is not water. Electrons flow through a wire. Raise the voltage and more electrons will flow. Voltage is the driving force; voltage is not electrons.

An American citizen has a right to stand on a soapbox and state his or her thoughts. The person can increase the reach of those statements by using money to pay for various means of propagating them. Money is the driving force; money is not speech.

Corporate freedom to spend money to make a loud noise will squash the ability of the average citizen, who does not or cannot spend similar quantities of money. Corporate freedom to amplify speech deprives others of the same freedom.

If the pressure in a pipe is increased without limit, the pipe will burst and shrapnel will damage the surroundings. If the voltage across a wire is increased without limit, the wire will melt and adjacent material will catch fire.

Big money controlling the government agenda will cause tremendous distortions in our society and economy. Consumers' ability to even discipline corporations through the market can be overcome if those corporations can prevent competition through control over the government. This is a pipe we do not want to burst!

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