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{ Sha Cha / Sa Cha / Sia Cha } Noodles?

I can't remember why it came up the other night, but I was pining for the Sha Cha Noodles at the Silk Road Café in Baltimore. They're made with a fairly hearty wheat noodle (similar to lo mein noodles, maybe a bit thicker), which get stir-fried with vegetables, meat or tofu, and a spicy paste which mixes with the stir fry oil to form the sauce. The flavor is a bit like a southeast Asian version of barbecue sauce.

I remember I did find the dish at a Taiwanese place over at Cupertino Village, but the place was terrible -- the dish was bland (not enough of the paste), and they had low quality noodles, meat, and veggies. Does anyone know where I might find a good version? I successfully located good Tan Tan noodles last year -- they have them at JingJing Gourmet in Palo Alto, and I'm told that Café Yulong on Dana St in Mountain View is decent, too. (I used to get Tan Tan at a Chinese place in the Rockridge neighborhood in Oakland, but I don't get up that way very often anymore.)

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