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A slightly goofy idea for dealing with term limits.

I was thinking about the term limits problem (most members of the CA legislature haven't been around long enough to build up a network and learn all the parliamentary procedures they need to know in order to lead major policy initiatives, and non-term-limited lobbyists can dominate policy simply by being the only people in Sacramento who really understand the existing law and the process for changing it) and it occurred to me to wonder whether anyone has ever considered having candidates "tag team" an Assembly office. The idea is, you'd have two people campaign with and for each other, with the goal of trading off terms, so that the pair of them can hold the office for twelve years instead of six. It might be difficult to break into the public consciousness with the idea that the new name on the second term ballot is effectively the incumbent, but the payoff might be worthwhile... Another problem is that the out-of-office member of the team would, of course, need to have an income stream, which could raise conflict-of-interest issues... :-/

Anyways, possibly not practical in most cases, but it might work for the right pair of candidates.

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