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If anybody would like a compact soda maker...

...the company from which Xta and I got ours, SodaStream, is having a "refer a friend" promotion. I can send you a coupon code, and if you use it, they also put a credit on my account, so next time we need to swap a CO2 cartridge we'll save a little money.

We've found having our Fountain Jet highly convenient. It's definitely cheaper than buying sodas, in the long run, and you never have a moment of "Oops, we forgot to get that at the store." (Regarding price, if you're comparing to club soda -- which we were buying a lot of, to mix with our home-made syrups -- it works out to something like getting cans for 10¢ each. If you're buying their syrups, it works out to being a little more than 25¢ per can.) And of course, it decreases your greenhouse gas footprint, because you're no longer shipping large amounts of water around on trucks.

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