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Apparently revenues at are down steeply, to the point that the author is considering scaling back or abandoning the project. Which is sad -- it's one of the longest running webcomics. Its bizarre, loopy humor has entertained me for over a decade. If Jon Rosenberg was British and wrote novels instead of comics, he'd be Douglas Adams. Except for the being dead part. Every now and then somebody will remark on a funny t-shirt I am wearing. Invariably, it's the product of Jon's twisted imagination. (This happened twice today, once with a total stranger at the grocery store; I'm wearing Protobama.) The Kittens = PopTarts storyline, from before Jon had even really learned to draw, remains one of the most sublime works of comic-strip humor I've ever seen -- I practically know it by heart, and it still cracks me up. ("Damned if I know!") The strip has love, death, aliens, digital cosmology, the death of G*d, a Mayan demon lord who may be a hero, and occasional ninjas.

It's hard to grow an audience when you're literally years into a complex plot. Multi-year-long TV shows, and series of novels, have similar problems, but people expect depth in those media. The audience for comics is, I guess, less tolerant of a storyline that you can't easily enter without learning the whole backstory. It's sort of odd, too, considering that graphic novels / comics are considerably less time consuming than either of those other media. (I read the entire four-book run of Nausicaa, sitting in the passenger seat on the drive up to Ashland, a few years back.)

If you like comics at all, Goats is one of the strangest, and best. It's even available in the convenient dead tree format, that lets you read large amounts at one sitting, while riding the train. I need to get other people to read it and buy the books, because otherwise it will go away without getting properly finished. And then I will be sad.

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