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Dear Intuit...

I just received an email from you, suggesting that I sign up for a account, because you're planning to shut down Quicken Online towards the end of August.

Now, I'd already heard about this, so that is, in itself, not too upsetting. A conversation with a friend of mine, a few months back, revealed that features I value in QO were already being imported into Mint. I'm sure that Mint is a perfectly good service.

However, when I followed the link in your email, suggesting I might want to sign up for Mint, I was not taken to any kind of special "Transitioning from QO? Here's how!" page. I was taken to the frontpage of Mint. I looked around to see if there was any info about importing my QO data; there was not. I did the initial part of the signup, and when it took me to the part where you add accounts, I looked around some more. No dice. I checked with your help forums, and found this:

If you are inquiring about importing data from your Quicken Online accounts (and I see several of you are), the timeline and details for migrating existing QOL accounts over to Mint is still being worked through, but rest assured that when it happens, your historical data (financial institutions, accounts, balances, transactions) will be preserved. That said it is likely that some information in your QOL accounts may be lost. Functionality that is tied to custom categories will be very difficult to migrate and we expect that users may need to do some work to recover entirely. We understand that this is not ideal and we are looking for ways to minimize any pain.

Let's not mince words: This is idiotic. Does not let users create custom income and spending categories? I suspect it does; if it does, it should not be so terribly difficult to automate creating the same custom categories, and tagging transactions appropriately. The basic structure of accounting transactions has been well-known for centuries. If you can't figure out how to merge or transfer transaction data, your data managers are incompetent. I've dealt with far more difficult data sets -- try interweaving Chinese and English language data some time.

Similarly, I should not need to enter my account data. How much data could there be to transfer? The institution, the account number and/or username, and the password. If there are security concerns, I'm willing to re-enter my passwords at, rather than having those transferred; though I'd frankly prefer to simply enter my QO password once, and have everything sucked over to Mint automatically.

Monthly budgets, as well, aren't exactly rocket science; there are spending categories, one budget number for each past month, and a number set for the current month (which, unless changed, carries over to the next month when the calendar turns a page).

What were you thinking, announcing the closure of QO without having already provided for this transition? I've been a loyal customer for something like 15 years -- I've used TurboTax to deal with my taxes every year since I started earning income. I currently am offering consulting services to small businesses that need to deal with QuickBooks. I have quite liked Quicken Online (and my fiancée was using the offline version of Quicken for years before we consolidated our finances).

It took a great deal of time and effort to get QO running: categorizing transactions often enough to get the system to do things right on its own, at least most of the time; adding the categories we needed to make the trend reports meaningful for us; figuring out how to properly record transfers, refunds, "off-balance sheet" transactions like tax withholdings, and so on. I cannot believe that you are just going to toss my investment of time and energy out the window. I'd sooner find another company to do my taxes and personal accounting with, than just meekly accept that.

I would never have expected you to treat your customers so shabbily; this is wildly different from my past experiences, and extremely disappointing. I expect an apology and a remedy.

No love,

PS: In regard to your statement that, "After careful consideration we made the decision to not transfer or allow customers to transfer their data from Quicken Online to," I suggest that you consider some more. :-P

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