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foodpr0n: Graffiti

As mentioned previously, we went to Graffiti today, after having gone to sbtorpey and oddthink's place for brunch. (I made french toast in S~ and J~'s kitchen, S~ made a salad and a frittata, surpheon and anemone brought syrups and beverages, and another friend, who I think may not be on LJ, brought a bunch of fruit to toss over things. jilflirt and her husband, who I think is on LJ but whose handle I can't remember, showed up too late for brunch, but we got to hang out and chat for a while.)


complimentary mini-glasses of prosecco

Lychee Martini, very similar to the version at Mehtaphor, but with a sorbet rather than the granita. The sorbet had a lot of fruit pulp in it, rather than being clarified.

King's Ridge Riesling, 2007

Slices of watermelon, topped with scoops of mint sorbet, served with cubes of feta, sprouts (daikon sprouts, I think?), and a drizzle of aged balsamic vinegar. I loved this salad. The mint sorbet was intensely flavorful; it would've been good as part of a dessert, but also went really well with the salty and sour flavors in the salad.(we didn't think to start taking photos until after this one; it was really pretty, with three squares of watermelon, with a canelle of intensely-green sorbet on each, feta cubes artfully arranged around them, sprouts scattered over, and a zig-zag drizzle of vinegar underneath everything)
Paneer, warmed in a sauce of amchur (green mango), tomato, hot pepper, and possibly a few other herbs and spices I wasn't able to identify. Served with herbed chapati-style flatbread (similar to what we had at Mehtaphor with the tartare, but without the caramelized onion baked in).paneer + flat bread
Scallops pickled in ginger, topped with crunchy mung beans, served with candied chili sauce and more flatbread. Christa was very pleased with this.scallops + flat bread

Chinese flat steamed rice-flour buns, stuffed with stewed eggplant spiced with cumin and chili powder, topped with fennel-thyme relish, with little cubes of pickled turmeric on the side for extra spice if desired.

Same buns, stuffed with pork braised in a tomato sauce, with Chinese five-spice. Topped with crispy rice flakes, and a side of apricot chutney. The chutney was kind of amazing.

stuffed steamed buns

Hazelnut-chocolate cupcake, topped with a frosting that was really more like mousse, and some of those same chocolate crunchies that showed up on the Mehtaphor Sundae, served with a scoop of the chocolate-chicory ice-cream. Not quite as nice as the hazelnut souffle, but very tasty.

Coconut macaroon balls, topped with dabs of house-made dulce de leche. These were really tasty, although I would've liked a touch more of the sauce. (The other couple seated at our table overheard me commenting on this, and as we were leaving, they ordered it with extra sauce. *g*)


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