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Apparently Slate's TV columnist knows at least a little bit about slash, because she refers to it in the opening of her column about the MTV Music Awards. (She also gets in a dig at Justin Timberlake, by including his kiss with Timbaland in a list of "f-slash" pairings. *g*)

cyan_blue has provided a pretty good capsule review covering what she, I, and emmett_the_sane thought of American Splendor.

Also, in a moment of synchronicity, I recently read an article about the Battle of Algiers, and the album that happened to be queued in the car was the second disc of The Essential Clash, which includes "Rock the Casbah". (I'd always known in vague outline that the song was connected to some kind of North African Muslim rebellion against occupiers, but hadn't known much detail on the story.)

My cats are trying to kill each other, inside a large cardboard box.

Lastly, I think this is my favorite quizzilla quiz, of the ones I've seen so far.

The Third Doctor

You are the Third Doctor, portrayed by John Pertwee: Charming, commanding, physically competent, and more than a little bit vain. You share the Second Doctor's amiability and the First Doctor's lack of patience with small-minded idiots. Your urge to take care of the entire universe often leads you to arrogance, but you're dashing, self-sacrificing, and brilliant when a crisis erupts.

Which Incarnation of the Doctor Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I actually like Tom Baker (4), Peter Davison (5), and Sylvester McCoy (7) better, but as far as personality, I think the quiz placed me pretty well; the other three are too cheerful to match me, I think. Pertwee's version had a touch more cynicism and impatience.

(I'm also very amused that it's possible -- by picking the obvious "evil" answers -- to get The Master, Anthony Ainley, who was, in his prime, the very definition of handsome-sinister.)

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