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Still need to get to the DC office.

Finally, six months after this, got around to grabbing lunch with Farhad Manjoo, Slate's tech writer and author of the excellent True Enough (which is in some ways a lengthier meditation on the problem articulated by Harry Frankfurt's On Bullshit). Discussed everything from how automation of increasingly complicated symbolic tasks is changing the employment landscape for highly educated professionals, to politics and the various complex catastrophes our society seems to be setting itself up for, to general personal stuff and kidlets.

I think possibly I was over-caffeinated, and thus even a little more energetic than normal. I'd had my morning coffee, and then also got a quite strong black tea when I got to University Cafe. I was there rather early because I'd already come up to Palo Alto for an earlier appointment, and since I was getting onto their WiFi to do some work, I figured I ought to buy something...

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