Auros (auros) wrote,

more opera tickets

One person expressed interest in the Magic Flute tickets (Sun Jun 24 at 2pm, preceded by lecture at 1pm) when I first advertised them, but then stopped responding to emails before we could arrange a transaction, so I guess those tickets are still available, at $215 for the pair.

Additionally, I somehow ended up with a single extra ticket to Heart of a Soldier, the brand new opera based on the true story of a 9/11 hero. The ticket is for Sat Sep 24 at 2pm (lecture at 1pm), Dress Circle C2, which is the first seat on the outer side of the first aisle out from the center. I didn't mention it in my earlier post because I was trying to figure out whether I might have bought it for a friend, or because I was thinking that my parents might come into town to see the show on that weekend (in which case I would've swapped my two subscription seats to that day as well), or whether there was just some kind of glitch in the SF Opera purchasing system, or what. After checking around, it remains a mystery. I don't seem to have any threads in my email about getting an extra, and none of the folks on my opera mailing list asked me about it. Anyways, it's available for sale at $107.50.

If you're reading this and you recall asking me to use my discount to get you a ticket, please speak up. :-)

And, as usual, if you have any friends who might be interested, feel free to forward this to them.

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