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Go to this page.

Download the MP3 or launch it in a separate window so you'll have a wide slider to work with.

Jump to 48:40 or so. (Or, hey, if you have an hour, listen to the whole podcast. Subscribe, even!)

Be amused.

The item he mentions, that I told him he was wrong about, was from late September. In the course of talking out the Perry / Bachmann / HPV vaccine kerfuffle, he was radically underestimating the prevalance of HPV; something on the order of a quarter of all American women get exposed at some point, and the strains in question are responsible for a large proportion of all cases of cervical cancer. The public-health case in favor of mass-distributing the vaccine, and administering it before sexual debut, is quite solid. It's been laid out in Slate, in the DoubleX blog. I had to scold him for not reading his own employees' work thoroughly enough. :-)

I'm still about two weeks behind. This podcast was from 10/13, so, 12 days ago... :-/

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