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Mitt Romney just wants to get into America's pants.

You've seen clips of Mitt Romney's big Michigan speech, right? The one where he's going on in a faux-emotional voice about how much he luhrvs Michigan, because "the trees are the right height", and he loves cars, and so on.

It struck me that the tone of the speech is a dead-on match for the tone of a guy who is dating a woman who has kids, and doesn't particularly like them, but is trying to fake it, because he really wants to get into mom's pants. "Do ya like baseball son? I love baseball!" The desperation to find some point at which he can at least fake a connection is palpable. Even little kids can detect that kind of fakeness. So the question is: are Republicans smarter than a five-year-old?
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I sure hope that, like the 5 year old who has seen mom date worse, they're willing to fake it. The sincere guy is much worse. (Unless you buy the argument that it's better for Santorum to be the candidate and lose in the general election because it will somehow push the party towards thinking moderates...I don't really want to contemplate what happens if he *wins* the general election and would rather not give him the opportunity, though.)
The metaphorical five-year old sees four potential suitors - all very creepy - and decides Romney is the least creepy.

What gets me is why the Republicans have nobody better. Surely among hundreds of Republican politicians and former politicians, they can find at least one person a notch better than these four creeps.
The only sensible answer I've seen to that one is, everybody knows that whoever's president in 2013 is going down in flames [optional extra special sauce: after the Euro breaks up and the world economy tanks], and the Rs would prefer that be O than one of their own party. The second part being, Obama's supposedly excellent election ground game makes it hard to put up a realistic candidate.