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President: Hillary. Turns out Martin isn't even on the ballot for CA, he dropped out before it was finalized; I briefly considered writing in Elizabeth Warren, ended up just going with Hillary.

Central Committee:
Fel Amistad
Alexis Lewis
Nancy Yarbrough
Clifford Robbins
Shikha B. Hamilton

One of the incumbents didn't bother to put anything in with VoterEdge, and can't be found by googling. The rest of the incumbents seem fine (have good endorsements, reasonable statements, etc). Fel Amistad seems like the best of the three new challengers (currently serving in a position appointed by the governor, strong resumé, etc).

Senate: Kamala

House: Jackie

State Senate: Jerry

Assembly: Kevin

Prop 50: Yes. This doesn't seem controversial.

AA: Yes. I like the Bay.
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Care to share your thoughts on the presidential candidates? Considering writing in Warren implies that you're not completely satisfied with Hillary, but obviously you find Bernie lacking -- but not in any way in which he's similar to Warren.
I'm on vacation in Maine now, kinda occupied... If you look back over my FB timeline, I've posted several times about my disenchantment with Bernie, as well as acknowledging to Bernie supporters that I have concerns about Hillary as well (particularly on issues of using military force).