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Happy birthday Tsuki and Hoshi!

I love my kitties. And they are now officially one year old, by their estimated birthday on their medical forms. (They were ferals, so nobody's really sure, but whatever.) So I guess they are really almost adult cats. I'm in the process of switching them to adult food, now. (I still have a bunch of kitten dry, but I'm mixing it with adult wet, and I need to go out and buy a bag of adult dry so I can start shifting, fractionally, to that...) I guess I should be calling them "cats" instead of "kittens" now, but they don't seem to care either way. Unlike kids, who eventually start complaining if you call them by pet names.

Today has been... Really relatively good. (Or at least, even if parts of it have not been, I am going to pretend they don't exist. Hence the listed mood. I really need to focus on good stuff right now, otherwise I think I may implode. By way of example, in my happy little universe, Dubya Does Not Exist. That's the tone we're going for here. Anyone interrupting fantasy-land to intrude with reality shall be summarily beaten about the head with a halibut. *thwappity!* Mmkay?)

Cuddled with the kittens in the morning.

Managed to get out of bed eventually and give them some food. Eventually forced myself to have something to eat, too (which I hadn't, really in, er, about a day? though I did have a glass of milk for dinner last night). Anyways. Had toast with raspberry-lemon curd. And more milk. Mmmm, milk! (God, I feel like Leon, from the nifty French movie Leon. Which they trimmed, and released in the US as The Professional. Although I suppose there is the difference that I don't, you know, kill people for a living. Unless you count the ones whose brains explode after encountering perl that was written on a deadline, instead of at the stately pace I usually use to ensure that things are getting properly commented and thought through...)

Also did a few chores, dealt with some incoming mail. (Bills. *sigh*)

Played with the kittens more.

Was cheered up considerably by nice comments from larksdream and querida_bonbon, and by phone calls from emmett_the_sane and my older brother. (Who has just gotten engaged! Yow. And apparently he was at WorldCon, hanging with Mary Anne and CTan and that lot; his fiance is from Toronto, so they stayed at her folks' place. It strikes me that, had I know about this, I could've probably finagled a room there myself, thus making it affordable. Clearly I need to talk to my family more often.)

I think I even actually have enough willpower built up now to go out and buy fixings for the kittens' birthday dinner. Though I'm putting that off a bit. Planning to call larksdream in a bit to see how she's doing... Plus it's too hot to go out right now... I'll wait til 6:30 or so, when the icky sun goes away. (Says the boy who still has a rather pink forehead, showing signs of how it recently lost a layer of sunburned skin. :-P )

ETA: Almost forgot, til Hoshi reminded me. Hoshi has killed herself four flies today; the fourth one just this moment (hence the reminder). I think they must be attracted to the litterbox smell (which thankfully is only outside; no stink in my living room), and then they find their way in through the cat-door. Or possibly she brings them inside and drops them and they get up again, having not been quite killed the first time. I haven't paid close attention.

In any case, she's been good today about biting them, then dropping them and meowing til I come over to see what's going on, at which point I collect them in a tissue and give her a treat as a reward for killing-and-not-eating them. She seems to have figured out that if she actually eats them (which is gross) she doesn't get a treat. (Fortunately, she seems to find treats tastier than flies). I have smart kitties. *beams with fatherly pride*

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