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Mornings suck. Cav and Pag don't.

Although controlled use of caffeine does help a lot at keeping my sleep cycle roughly in tune with the actual length of the day, usually, it also makes it unbelievably icky getting out of bed in the morning. If work weren't so darn close, I'm not sure I'd ever make it.

Coffee is brewing now. Stockholm Roast. Kind of a dark roast, with caramelly overtones. Mmm. Though I made it too watery yesterday. 7 cups instead of 8 today, for four Tbs of beans. The guidelines I've always heard is that 1 Tbs beans makes 1.5 to 2 cups of coffee, but usually I trend a bit towards the high end of that, because I don't really like my regular coffee all that strong. (Espresso, or East European / Middle-Eastern style coffees, are another matter entirely.)

Anyways. The performance(s?) of Cav and Pag last night were phenomenal. I was surprised to discover, reading the program before the show, that this production (i.e. the set and costume designs and basic ideas about how it should be staged) is older than I am -- it was created in '76. But I can see why they've kept it around -- the sets are gorgeous (they really capture the mountainous look and rough architecture of rural southern Italy), the lighting design is brilliant (particularly for Pag, which does the Prologue under luridly colorful circus-y lights, with three acrobats dressed as the relevant Commedia dell'Arte archetypes, doing impressive things around Tonio while he sings), and the staging, though I found it a touch overdone at a few moments in Cav, was overall very emotionally effective (particularly how they made Cav center so completely on Santuzza). The singers were, across the board, amazing, and the orchestra grabbed me from the first chord of each, and never let go.

Possibly it made a small difference that I'm in the right head-space for drama verite right now -- very cathartic, really, though it left me somewhat drained -- but I'm pretty sure I would've felt the same even if I'd seen it last year.

Highly, highly recommended. Do the student-rush / standing-room thing if you have to. Really.

Coffee's ready. Must go make myself human.

ETA: The place I had dinner, Quetzal (1234 Polk Street, between Sutter and Bush), also emphatically Doesn't Suck. Tasty sandwiches and salads, and not too terribly expensive. The soup's probably good too, though I didn't have any of that. *g*

And I had a good time chatting with the guy I went with. Hadn't seen him in a while, so we caught up on various things, and he said he'd get me on the mailing list for a theater company he's now involved with. (I'd seen one of their shows a while back, and liked it.)

Mmmm... Coooooffffeeeeeee...

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