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politics: ringing off the hook, and another leak petition

Urge the Direct Marketing Association to withdraw from the lawsuit and support the Do-Not-Call List.

Ever wanted to call a telemarketer back, to show them what it feels like? You can contact the other plaintiffs in the case, to ask them to withdraw from the lawsuit and support the Do-Not-Call List, at the numbers below:

Chartered Benefit Services, Inc.(847) 797-8500
U.S. Security(405) 917-5566
Global Contact Services(704) 782-0596
InfoCision Management Corporation(330) 668-1400

The DMA has already gotten a taste of this treatment, because of a Dave Barry column in which he got their number. Let's show the rest of the plaintiffs what "free speech" means...

Also, as mentioned in the post title, here's a MoveOn petition to have Ashcroft appoint a special prosecutor to handle the investigation of the Valerie Plame leak.

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