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That was surprisingly painless.

Just called the Sprint PCS equipment replacement people. I'd been wondering whether the $4 a month I pay to insure my phone might ever come in handy.

On Sunday my phone decided that it no longer believed in the existence of a network, and began always giving the "Looking for Signal" screen, no matter where I was, what I did with the settings, etc. On Tuesday I went in to a Sprint store and had them mess with it, upgrade the firmware, stuff like that. No dice.

So today I called the equipment replacement folks, and after a ten minute call, I'm told that a replacement phone -- either the same model, or a more recent one if my model is no longer available -- will be FedExed to me, shipping out either this afternoon or tomorrow morning, and should arrive by the end of the week. w00t!

Then I just have to go back to the Sprint store and have them transfer my addressbook, activate the new phone, and ship the damaged one back to the insurance folks...

It's nice when a service actually works as advertised.

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