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Anyone know enough about home theater stuff to evaluate this?

Motorola's employee discount program is having a special on the DCP501 home theater box, which combines a cable receiver (good for both regular and digital, I think, though I don't really care about that part since I'm kinda planning to cancel cable TV service), with DVD/CD/MP3 player, and a 5-channel 100-watt A/V receiver/amplifier (I'm assuming the five channels are center/bass, right, left, right-rear, and left-rear; if so, the SDDS speakers currently attached to my computer might be compatible). IIRC, 100 watts is pretty decent for audio channels...

Retail price is $550; current employee price (I think good til Friday) is $200. Anyone know if this is a good/reliable piece of equipment? Or even just know a bit more about it than I do from the rather short description given on the employee-purchase website?

Even if it is good, I might decide not to spend the money right now... If anyone wants to give me money to buy one for them, that'd be fine... *shrug*

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