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LotR trilogy

So, some of you may've heard about how the Metreon's screening of the full LotR trilogy (using the director's cuts of the first two films) sold out, mostly to scalpers, just two or three hours after tickets went on sale... I've called three theaters (including the Metreon) to investigate whether it'd be possible to do a private screening of the trilogy, and it looks like the answer is a pretty definite "no". On the other hand, if we got 300 people (eep!), we could get a private screening of Return of the King at the Metreon, a week or so after it opens, with tix sold at the regular $10 per person. Given that some of the folks at that screening would still be ending up with corner seats, it doesn't seem all that worth it. I guess I'll just aim for doing the usual thing of buying tix early, and line-sitting for any friends interested in joining.

I'm still bummed about missing out on the complete trilogy thing... *sigh*

On the bright side, kineticphoenix should be here soon, and I got a head-start on preparing dinner... The squash is already cut up and sitting in the steamer, the liquid for the couscous is in the pot, etc...

Also good: Tsuki is being super-cuddly this evening... Maybe she'll even decide to play with the non-Auros human... We shall see...

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