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cat sitting redux

It looks like I will be needing a cat-sitter for December 13-21. If you'd be willing to help get me to and from the airport, and spend part of the time I'm gone hanging out in my apartment -- at least being around to feed the Onineko in the morning and evening, spending alternate nights here, and spending some time playing or just sitting around reading (they eventually come looking for cuddles, once they get used to you), etc -- I'd be muchly appreciative. I'd also leave you a key to my car, if you're carless. Other forms of payment (e.g. a home-cooked meal) are certainly possible as well...

Why do I need a sitter, you ask? I'm going to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy Tuesday. In Baltimore.

Since you ask, yes, yes I am completely insane.

I'm going to bed.

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